Our Story

Changing Dynamics

A home is no longer a retreat from the external world. It has emerged into a multi-functional space that is a melting pot of entertainment, leisure, work and recovery. Coming back to a beautiful home is an aspiration for many, which laid the very foundation of Furbishy.

From Concept to Curation

We believe everyone deserves to live beautifully. When you live consciously, you are inspired and able to use your abilities to create meaningful work. With this intention, we created a design-forward online marketplace that enables the modern homeowner to curate their dream home with a click.

Furbishy seeks to disrupt the way interior decor is seen. Erstwhile a time-consuming, resource-draining and tedious process, we seamlessly integrate the product and service to offer holistic home furnishing solutions that make decorating effortless. Our set combinations are mindfully curated by some of India’s most esteemed interior designers & stylists to accomodate the needs of every aesthete and space.


Design Driven

We want to make beautiful interiors accessible without the hassle of having to coordinate all decor elements. More often than not, people end up buying single products that may or may not come together to weave a story. By leaning into the opinion of industry experts, you can now build your own universe while creating a design expression that’s truly unique and elegant.

Living with Intent

Quality and intention are at the core of everything we do. Our pre-styled combinations offer infinite possibilities to transform your home. Whether you want a total spruce up or looking to incorporate a few elements to infuse your space with new energy, we want to enable you to make better design choices.