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Whether you’re looking to spruce up a corner, one bedroom or simply carve out a study for your work-from-home situation, our team sees through each project from concept to completion.

Our personalized interior solutions make your transformation journey seamless and affordable. With a multidisciplinary design approach that leans on mindful living and conscious consumption, we strive to make interior design accessible to all.

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Our Services

Personalized Sourcing & Styling

Why multi-task when you can have design experts make personalized concepts that are an authentic reflection of your requirements? We recognize that people love options, so our design team is at the forefront of all trends making recommendations from multiple brands to suit your taste and budget.

Home Makeover Services

Whether you are looking to redo one bedroom or two, we’ll show up for you. Our design experts focus on small and large spaces alike. We understand that no matter what the frequency of sq ft, it’s important you make yourself feel at home.

Windows & Wall Treatments

Sometimes, letting in a little more light is all a space really needs. Trust our interior experts to make recommendations best suited to make your space more habitable and relaxed. We also consult on choosing the right wall art, wallpapers, window blinds, curtains and wall treatment options.

From Fabrics & Floors

Whether you need a quick peel and stick solution or hardwood paneling on your floor, we’ve got you! Each material lends a unique aesthetic to a space. We help you choose fabrics and floor options that help you embrace your individuality while being sensitive to the climate you inhabit. Our design experts understand that weather greatly impacts our daily mood so choosing the right materials is of paramount importance.

Repurpose Furniture & Upholstery

Why toss out something that’s still in a perfectly good condition? We offer fabric change services for dining chairs and sofas so you can upcycle your furniture to stand the test of time. Trust us when we say this service comes in handy for germaphobes, clumsy homeowners (no one’s judging) and dog parents.

Landscaping & Balcony Makeovers

If there’s a colour our eyes need to soak in more, it’s green! We help you discover your personal zen space so you can find your calm amidst the chaos. Our design experts are also well versed with most indoor plant categories and can make recommendations best suited for each season or location.

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